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Oil changes keep your engine cool, improve your fuel efficiency and reduce dirt buildup and corrosion. Regular oil changes will extend the service life of your engine. When you need oil change service, come to Erich Elligsen Automotive, inc. in Quincy, IL. You can count on us for affordable and efficient oil changes.

When your car doesn't have enough oil, the engine has to work harder. You may think you're saving money by skipping an oil change, but you'll likely end up spending more on engine repairs. Don't wait any longer - call now to set up your oil change service.

What are the benefits of synthetic oil?

What are the benefits of synthetic oil?

When you get an oil change, you have the option of choosing synthetic oil. While they cost a little more, the benefits outweigh the initial cost. Here are a few perks of synthetic oil changes:

  • Synthetic oil flows faster, which improves your fuel efficiency
  • It lasts longer than conventional oil
  • It works better than conventional oil in cold weather

Synthetic oil changes are recommended for older cars, which may have more buildup than newer cars. To learn more about synthetic oil, speak with a member of our team today.