Are Car Issues Driving You Crazy?

We offer everything from brake repair to engine repair in Quincy, IL

Do you have to roll down your windows in the summer just to catch a breeze? Are your brakes squealing constantly? If you need auto repair services, come to Erich Elligsen Automotive, inc. in Quincy, IL.

We offer…

  • Brake repair
  • Transmission repair
  • Engine repair
  • Radiator repair
  • Suspension repair
  • AC repair
  • Starter repair
  • Alternator repair
  • Tire replacement & repair (Rushville Location)

Is your car making a grinding noise when you switch gears? You need to get transmission repair before your engine breaks down. Call now to make an appointment with a local mechanic.

3 signs that your brakes are in bad shape

3 signs that your brakes are in bad shape

Faulty brakes are one of the most dangerous car problems. Here are a few signs that you need to get your brakes checked ASAP:

  1. Your brake pedal vibrates
  2. Your car pulls to one side when braking
  3. Your steering wheel shakes when you brake

Don’t ignore these signs. To keep you and your passengers safe, arrange for brake repair services.